We are a new kind of board wear brand.

We cut and we sew. We print and we punch. We press and stitch, push ink and pull blades. We bring you island values and manufacture our stoke in-house, right here in the UK.

At our core, we are an authentic and ethical brand. We want our awesome gear to bring stoke and happiness to your world.

Quite simply, we want to produce the highest quality products in the industry, whilst offering them at a fair price and make a positive impact whilst doing so. Basically make the world a better place 😉

Right from our birth in a ratty little beach house on a tiny Caribbean island in the middle of nowhere, we have been pushing the industry to do more.

As a 100% rider-owned and independant brand, we are in the unique position to be able to offer quality and principles over profit. Manufacturing in-house allows us to monitor quality, innovate new technology and ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. To be frank, we’ve got to the point where we can’t think of one more way to make our products better.

Thanks for hanging out with us, we truly appreciate it.

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